A hardware megastore to walk around in.

Made with Vertex Meadow for LocusJam.

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Published Jan 02, 2016
AuthorIan MacLarty


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I was told I would find small crank implicators in aisle 72-b but when I got to aisle 72-b they weren't there. Couldn't find anyone to help me. Warm breeze. I heard dogs barking, then I woke up.


The duplicate shelves were a disappointment for me. I was hoping that every aisle would have it's own character.
I enjoyed this.

Thanks for the feedback! I got a bit lazy after doing one shelf... Glad you still enjoyed it though.

I love going to Home Depot just to walk around so this is my favorite. The nursery is SO CUTE!!! -@Brilokuloj

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)