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It is in the genre of one of those mobile games. 
there is absolutely no reason for you not to try this out.
The game is polished and has awesome soundtrack.

Control's are quick to respond, and there is a lot of good "game feel" in play.

love it. spend about two hours hammering my head against these challanges and lemme tell you this much - gets a lot more difficult if you lose your cool. enjoy the ride!

stylish, addictive, brilliant

For some reason I am only able to download the jam build in the itch app?


Maybe it's because I forgot to mark which OS the builds were when I uploaded the last update yesterday. Does it work now? Not sure why the jam builds work in the app, because I specifically didn't mark them as executables so as not to confuse the app.


Can I put in a request for the ability to change the controller deadzone? It's really difficult to do the delicate moves with an unwieldy deadzone. 

Sure, but have you tried using the abxy buttons?

oh, no i haven't, i wasn't aware i could, lol. works a lot better, thanks! 

The dpad is also an option, but most controllers have really bad dpads.

Can you add WASD/numpad support?


I´ve learned to dance with my fingers.

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Incredibly fun.  I would love to see more levels put into the game.   Adding a timer to have high scores would add some replayablity too (along with being able to replay levels).

Thanks! There are now 100 levels and a speedrun mode with a timer. 

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I love it!

If you love Super/Open Hexagon, then you'll love this game, The game has this 80s or 90s arcade appeal. As bright color are noted with WARNING SEIZURE! The game's main goal is to collect 8 cubes, then head towards the portal in the center. what changes is the insanely fast geometry. This is by all means an action-puzzle game. It's going to take reflexes and a sharp mind, to get past any level.

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