It's milking time! Press space to catch the cow. By Ian MacLarty and Bethany Wilksch.

This game was commissioned by Bar SK for the 2019 Series. Please contact them if you’d like to display/install this work in public:

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AuthorIan MacLarty


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Legend has it he's still chasing the cow

Waw it's so great !

I like the way the walking/running animation is managed in relation to the simple space-bar key

We can adopt our very own rythm ! and the :farmer: body always feel responsive and well-balanced

Its by the ever-changing weather, AND Landscapes that I really fell in love with Milk Run 

we move 

Shalom Ian, thx alot !!

Is it winnable?

I don't want to milk it but I won and I think you did too! I know the devs and Bar SK won!