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Hey, this is a pretty dope experience. I really like the avatar and how customizable it is. I feel like I could have a lot of fun playing this with a bunch of friends at 3 AM.

Hi, Ian! I'm running a Halloween event for a community of second-year games designers, and this week's theme is cowpokes (cowboys). I found your game through one of my lecturers, and it is uniquely fun in all the right ways.

We're going to play it together online this Friday, around 7pm - thought that it might interest you to know a bunch of people were gonna play your game, so here I am letting you know. :> I'll be streaming it as well, if it interests you to watch it.

Most importantly, thank you for making this game! It's super cool to me :D

Oh cool! Where will you stream it? Feel free to hit me up on twitter (@ianmaclarty) if you have any trouble with the online mode. Sometimes the server goes down and I need to reboot it.

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I'll be streaming it on YouTube! 
As you can see, I played Secret of Monkey Island for last week's theme, pirates, haha. 

Should mention it's this Friday, 7pm, AEST (Melbourne, Victoria), in case you're somewhere else at the moment. I'll try remember to tweet atcha when we start the stream - I'm a novice at Twitter, so hopefully I do it correctly. :D

And sounds good! If there's trouble, I'll letcha know! Thank you kindly!

Is the server still running? I waited a good while and couldn't get in.

Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes it stops working and I need to restart it. It should be up again now!

I didn't play in Redeption so my question is where is the cow to run for?

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Thanks for sharing this and your Grannies experience, Ian. Any chance you could add on a designated photo capture button for the controller, pls?

It's unlikely, sorry.

That's okay. Thanks for the reply : )

So great, played with some friends (multiplayer wasn't working sadly - so all offline but exploring at the same time) and this was fantastic!

Managed to get all the achievements through sharing what we found which was a really cool experience, really captured the feeling of being out of bounds, lots of mundane walking for points of interesting content

And I love all the movement types & character customisation, really great work!!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know about multiplayer not working. It should be up again now.

Ah! thanks that was so fast :D Can't wait to try this out later!

Thanks again for fixing it! me and some friends finally got around to playing it and had such a great time. Exploring the space we'd once just been sharing stories of, but now together, was a really cool experience :)

I was also really inspired by your game for my own project Heck!, focusing on fun multiplayer movement, exploration, & to do lists :)




This is very cool!

Thank you!


This game is so nice I made an account just to say how nice it is! 

I'm not a gamer by any means but I really like taking the controller from my brother when he's playing red dead redemption and just exploring. So this game is right up my alley 

The to-do list tasks are kind of tricky! It's also not easy to navigate back to the checkpoint/campfire. It's definitely more challenging than I expected which is a fun surprise! 

Really pretty with simple graphics that are so pleasing to the eye. I can play this game for ages. It's so relaxing!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Just to note that there are more campfires scattered around, so if you carry on exploring you'll likely find another one (check for smoke on the horizon).

Nice lands.  I really like the feel of the distant mountains, fogged off to a pleasant blue.  :)



Is taking a bath supposed to grant temporary flight powers, or did I find a bug...




Found the easy way to do the 2k roll:


I see that you found the block too


This game is absolutely fantastic! I find it very relaxing. I gave the 2km roll challenge a shot: 


Thanks! Nice 2km roll attempt. There is an ... easier way though...


i spent about 45 minutes walking through this, what a wonderful thing. the sense of scale is really something else, and i will soon go back and try to find all the other parts of the list i wasn't able to get to this time.

do you think you could release an update that allows us to toggle off specifically that one really high-pitched environment noise that seems fairly common? i wasnt ever able to figure out quite what it was meant to represent, but it's really piercing and almost hurt to hear - i tended to walk a wide circle to avoid it whenever it triggered. i know there's a mute audio button but i love all the other audio in the game!

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Hmm, maybe. Does the sound occur in this video?

And if so at what point?
Most of the sounds are of real insects and birds. I'm guessing the offending sound is a cricket or cycada.


Yep, at 20 seconds.


Ok thanks. I think that's some sort of insect (not sure exactly what). It's a live recording anyway. I'll think about adding the option you asked for, but no promises.


Ok I've removed that particular track from the game.


Thanks!  Wow that sound was super loud and painful.

This is a really cool thing you've made!

I went back in and had another 45 minutes of goooood exploration time. thank you so much for this



This game is his afterlife.