Online Multiplayer!

Exciting news! I've added an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode to Red Desert Render!

You can activate it by pressing O (for Online). While online you can press T to teleport to a random player. If you want to hang out with friends you can just teleport until you find them (most likely you'll be the only ones online anyway). Using something like Discord for voice chat, it might be a nice way to catch up with someone during this time of social isolation.

But that's not all!

  • There's now a day/night cycle!
  • The game now auto-saves every minute and when you quit. No need to find a campfire to save. Just quit and continue where you left off next time you start it up.
  • There's now a split-screen local co-op mode. Press P to activate it. You'll need two xbox controllers.
  • You can now press T to teleport. In online mode this teleports you to a random player. In co-op this teleports you to the other player. In single player it teleports you to a random nearby location - handy if you get stuck in a ditch.
  • Points of interest are now a bit more common and more evenly distributed.

I hope you enjoy this update! If you previously purchased a custom build and would like a new build with all these changes, just let me know!

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Apr 04, 2020

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i love this